Essential oils for first aid

Pretend you’re out in the woods, desert, maybe the beach, marshes…What are your first aid concerns? Cuts, scrapes, stings, poison things? I’ve always been in love with first aid and basically, I love being prepared. I like knowing that I can handle most things that happen in my life with the tools that I have on hand…even if it’s just oils or electrical tape (what my dad always used as a band-aid). With that being said, please remember that essential oils are not life-saving tools but are meant to support you until you can get necessary medical care.

Essential oils for first aid

Each situation is different and it important to note the kind of things you may encounter when you’re on your adventure. If you’re going hiking you may come back with bug bites, stings, scrapes, scratches, etc. If you’re going sledding, you run a chance of getting cut, but also getting too cold. Bring oils that will apply to your situation.

I’ve made up a little DIY first aid kit with essential oils using doTERRA’s cute little keychain. These keychains have 10 sample vials in them which means you can carry 10 of the most essential first aid oils with you easily on your adventures. Not included in this first aid pouch is my DIY tick spray to keep away all the ticks. More info on making that below;

This is not to take the place of a qualified health professional or preventative measures to keep yourself well or safe. If you puncture your lung or something like that, oils aren’t really going to help you. 

It’s always a good idea to carry some sort of bandage, rope, knife, matches, and flashlight with you as well…you know, the typical things you’d take with you on an adventure.

You’re going to need:

doTERRA’s keyring pouch or some other container and 5/8 drams to hold your oils. The pouch comes with drams, though I did use different caps on mine. Each dram holds 40 drops comfortably, but you could maybe fit a few more in there.  

A travel size bottle with a click cap. Fill with your favorite carrier oil—I really like sweet almond or sunflower.

doTERRA’s Correct-X (which works like Neosporin) or make your own skin remedy salve here.

doTERRA’s label stickers for your bottles.

DoTERRA’s On Guard sanitizing mist; basically non-toxic, plant-based hand sanitizer. This is just great to have in general when you won’t be around a reliable source of water, but you can also use it to clean cut and scrapes and it will destroy all the germs (but because of the alcohol it will sting a little bit! I would use lavender for your kids instead). I’d use this for something really intense, like stepping on a nail while hiking—this has totally happened to me before, btw. It went through my shoe and kept poking me in the foot, so it didn’t go through my skin thankfully. But we definitely didn’t have soap to wash it, so this definitely would come in handy.

Lavender: this is my go-to oil for my kiddos because it’s safe and effective for almost anything. Lavender is good for any skin redness that might appear (due to plants or basically anything), scratchy skin, nosebleeds, scrapes, minor cuts, and bug bites. Generally, I clean my cuts with a goldenrod tincture, but I don’t take that with me on our adventures, so I use lavender, melaleuca, or even On Guard if I have it to clean them. This is something you can also use for head tension. Lavender is also very soothing in a scary situation (like a run-in with a venomous snake or when you’ve become slightly disoriented and start to feel trapped). If you’re allergic to lavender then substitute melaleuca.

Helichrysum: this oil is pure magic and great for scrapes and cuts, even more serious cuts if you’re not somewhere you can get to a doctor. If you use this on your cuts though, be sure to clean them before applying helichrysum. It’s a very fast-working oil and helps to soothe a lot of physical discomfort.

DIY sting/bug bite blend:  You’ll need 15 drops of basil10 drops of lemon10 drops of Melaleuca, and 5 drops of oregano. You’ll need to use your carrier oil with this! Dilute two drops in three drops of carrier oil and apply on and around the sting.

Breathe blend: this is great for your respiratory system—if you’re feeling out of breath or like your chest is tight, or if Mother Nature’s good Spring air is just irritating your lungs then dilute and apply this to your chest. This will also have a cooling effect when you start to feel too warm from being in the sun too long—apply to your hairline and the back of your neck.

DIY Breakdown blend: have you ever had a moment where something scary happens, and your body just like, shuts down and you’re staring off into nowhere? This blend is for those situations. Luckily, I’ve never been seriously injured while adventuring, even though I accidentally picked up that baby rattlesnake that one time. Maybe you’re not sure where you are and you start to freak out, maybe you’ve cut yourself pretty badly, or maybe you’ve just been in the sun for too long. This blend is to help calm those frantic feelings that come along with those moments. Also good for head tension.

You’ll need 10 drops of roman chamomile and 25 drops of copaiba and 10 drops of grapefruit. Dilute and apply to the feet or chest. Alternative option: just use 40 drops of copaiba or use an oil or blend that is calming to YOU.

DIY Warming blend: when I go into freak out mode my toes and fingers get really cold and I can’t seem to get warm. Maybe your teeth even start to chatter. This blend is for those times and will help to get blood moving throughout your body. You’ll need 30 drops of On Guard and 10 drops of frankincense. This is really great immune support as well if you start to feel gross.

You should have a couple of drams left—fill these with your favorite oils! I added Digestzen for any tummy issues that might come up.

Last year while hiking in Arkansas my husband almost stepped on a copperhead. We were a couple miles into our hike, didn’t have service, and were probably an hour away from a hospital. And while you aren’t likely to die from a copperhead bite, it got me thinking: what is first aid REALLY for snake bites? Like if you have no way to get to a hospital in a decent amount of time…what do you do? I’ve read that activated charcoal, plantain, even prickly pear, and pure chewing tobacco can help reduce the effects of a snake bite. How amazing is that?? Consider adding a bit of activated charcoal or chewing tobacco to your kit. Native Americans use to use tobacco juice on their snake bites, so it makes sense that people now have been using chewing tobacco. Also, again, this is for informational purposes, if you get bit by a snake PLEASE go to the hospital ASAP.

If you started with a kit and have been following Oil Circle, you will have almost everything you need! So here is a quick little checklist of the items you need so you can see what you need to get!