Essential oil subscription box ♥ April

I don’t know if it’s for you, but if you’re into essential oils you can get a monthly essential oil subscription box with doTERRA. Right? So cool! It’s one of the perks of being a wholesale member. And the cool thing about it is you can order as little or as much as you want AND YOU get to choose what comes in it.

My essential oil subscription box

Here is what my April essential oil subscription box looks like:

essential oil subscription box vitamin subscription
doterra brevi diffuser review

This was one of my “stock up” orders—I was out or running low on a lot of things I use every day! (but I forgot to get shampoo).

So as you can see, this can actually be a lot more than an essential oil subscription box—it can be your monthly wellness box!

What came in the box

Brevi diffuser: the cutest, most compact and powerful diffuser I have used! It runs continuously for 2, 5, or 10 hours (intermittently) and I’m obsessed with it. It’s looking real cute in my office right now. And since this is part of the Mother’s Day deal, I got the Citrus Bloom blend!

Citrus Bloom: a brand new oil blend that smells like waking up on a spring morning to your windows open. Very calming and soothing oils and it will probably be my new pure-fume. I’m so glad I ordered two of these bottles!

brevi diffuser

Ginger drops: made with just FOUR ingredients to soothe your throat and your tummy. I’m using it to soothe the stuffiness I’m feeling right now. It is NOT heavy on the ginger, which I was worried about—definitely loving this new product.

Clary Sage: I love this oil—it’s good for supporting healthy hormones, supporting you through your period/cramps, and moodiness. I also like to diffuse this while I sleep because it helps me remember my dreams!

Ylang Ylang: this is one I like to pair with Clary Sage, and tbh, I thought it smelled like a dirty diaper when I first got it. This is also great for supporting healthy hormones, mood (including anxious/stressful feelings and nervousness).

Breathe Touch: I actually got this one for free because I ordered 125 points in my monthly essential oil box! Good for opening the airways and supporting your body during high-pollen season.

On Guard: MUST HAVE ALWAYS. I lost this one for a week and my whole family started to feel gross. We diffuse this every night in the kiddos’ room to help their immune system stay protected.

Breathe: the bottled version of the touch roller above. Must have during the high-pollen season!

PB Assist+: the best probiotic ever

GX Assist: for gently cleansing and supporting the body’s natural detoxification process. I do one of these cleanses about once every three months.

Zendocrine: I love these essential oil softgels! I take them at night to help support my body’s natural detox process and my skin is SO much clearer when I take this consistently!

On Guard softgels: the On Guard blend in a capsule—I don’t love the smell of cinnamon, but I love the benefits of this blend so I take this in softgel form. It helps support a healthy immune system!

Deep blue rub and deep blue blend: you can’t really see the blend in the photo, but it’s there! I got these two for free with my box this month because I ordered 200 points worth of product. You can watch my video below to find out what they’re all about!

What oils would you put in your essential oil subscription box?