Five Must have essential oils for Adventures

Five Must have essential oils for Adventures

+ a DIY bug spray with just two oils

Summer, summer summer! I love it, but I also hate bugs. I grew up in Utah and my mom would act interested in bugs when we were kids, even though she actually hates them. So we’d pick up worms, I’d pick up daddy-long-legs and chase my poor brother with them, pick up snakes while hiking, accidentally picked up a rattlesnake once, etc.

But then I moved to Missouri. And all of a sudden there were new snakes that there’s no way in hell I would pick up, new bugs (cicadas--I’ve finally gotten used to their screaming after living here for 8 years), and then there are ticks.

If you’ve been following me for awhile you might be like OMG, Alisha, WE KNOW, use ROSEMARY to keep the ticks away--if this is you then I’ve done my job haha.

Normally, mosquitoes don’t bother me, but when we went to Yellowstone and visited my brother for the evening at his campground we all started getting bit like crazy.

My brother bought this odorless bug spray and I was like, I’m not using that, but he was all, BEARS, and I was like, this is made out of trees, man, and he was like, perfect, I’ll be camouflage.


So we sprayed ourselves, everyone, from head to toe, with rosemary essential oil (of course) and arborvitae. THAT’S IT. I got three bites before we got this out and after I didn’t get bit once. Sometimes I’m shocked that my potions work so I kept saying, “I can’t believe how well this works!” and my brother said, “I know! I saw a mosquito fly up to my face, but then it just flew away”. It’s like an invisible shield. We even went walking through the woods for firewood and came back bug free.


Side note: just because this works for many people, doesn’t mean it works for all--some people naturally attract more mosquitos because of the chemicals their body produces, and blood type can also play a factor, as does being pregnant, overweight, or drinking a lot of alcohol. So interesting! (source).

If you have an oil membership already you can get these cute and totally convenient 30 ml spray bottles under the accessories section--I have one in my purse at all times.

I already had my tick spray made up; 10 drops in the 30 ml bottle filled with witch hazel. Because the mosquitoes were terrible I was like, let’s try adding 10 drops of arborvitae, and it worked like magic.

Other oils to take on outdoor adventures

Aside from your tick/mosquito spray, here are just FIVE essential oils to take on your adventures. I normally carry 10 oils with me in my backpack whenever we go places--but there are also these cute little key chains you can get so you don’t have to carry your full size bottles. You can see this post about all of the oils I have for first aid.

doterra keychain.jpg
doterra oil vials.jpg
doterra keychain 2.jpg
  1. Lavender/tea tree/or frankincense: or all three if you want; normally I just choose one of these. They’re all great first aid oils, calming, cleansing, good for bug bites, and support your body’s healing process if you get a scrape.

  2. Helichrysum: I always have some of this on me when we are adventuring. It’s good for supporting the body’s healing process with cuts and scrapes. Bloody nose? Swipe some of this on the bridge of your nose! It’s also good to put on the roof of your mouth if the elements outside are trying to kill your sinuses.

  3. Brave: this is one of our kid’s blends, but I always have it with me because it’s been so helpful for keeping my sensory/strong willed child present. Plus, when your kiddos are feeling a little afraid, this is just a cute one for them to use -- “here, put some brave on.”

    Speaking of brave, our sweet, anxious seven year old watched his five year old brother do everything that he was afraid to do and he asked, “Why is Micah braver than me if he’s so little?” and Nathanael was like, “being brave is doing something even though you’re scared to do it. Micah isn’t scared to do anything, so he’s not really being brave.” There’s totally a difference between being brave and being fearless. And now I’m curious--Which one are you?

  4. Peppermint: this is good for when you get too hot--add a drop to the back of your neck, down your spine, or swirl around in your metal water bottle before adding water. (I prefer tangerine in my water occasionally, but I mean, peppermint could be fun). You can put a drop of both peppermint and lavender on your boots to keep away bugs as well!

  5. Your favorite oil: I always like to have my favorite oil at the moment as like a comfort item. You know how kids have their comfort blanket or whatever? I always bring my comfort oil lol. It’s most likely patchouli.

essential oils for adventures.jpg

Other things you might want to bring: On Guard sanitizing mist (for germs) and peppermint beadlets (basically, a tiny bit of peppermint oil in a capsule. When I start to feel tired I just pop one in my mouth.)

mountains are for everyone.jpg

Soooo that’s basically it! What are some of your adventure must haves? As always if you have questions feel free to message me on Instagram or on Facebook (healing from the roots).