doTERRA Emotional Aromatherapy Kit Review

and I’m laying in the sunlight, chest heavy, gasping for rays like they’ll fill my chest with light, hands clutching the grass willing them to grow roots and sprout flowers from my lungs.
— @folkandco

Can aromatherapy really help us when we’re feeling sad, anxious, nervous, or overwhelmed?

Short answer: yes.

Longer answer: Smell is one of our strongest senses and is linked to the part of the brain that deals with emotions–some of our emotions triggered by smell are simply tied to experiences and the smells we noticed during those experiences. Which is why certain smells can trigger a specific memory or feeling, because it is the sense most closely related to memory.

For example, when I smelled our Jasmine Touch for the first time it immediately reminded me of California, then the second time I smelled it the Jasmine reminded me of my Gram, but I couldn’t figure out why. So I asked my mom if Gram had any jasmine near her house in Southern California and she said yes, that she had a night jasmine growing by the front porch. How amazing is that??

Another example; my sister passed away in August 2013 due to HELLP Syndrome. She was on life support for about a week, and at the time, her husband brought in a friend to use essential oils on my sister (this was before I was using them consistently, and like, the way her husband and the friend went about it was kind of sneaky and not about it) BUT the oil this friend brought was Frankincense. She opened it and tried to use it on my sister without notifying the staff (not okay), and my mom wouldn’t let her (yay!). Oh, and it’s important to note that my younger sisters were in the room when this happened. A few months later when I got my oils from doTERRA they smelled Frankincense and both of them made faces of disgust and said it reminded them of when Leila was in the hospital and later made the connection that it was the oil that the lady had brought in. Memories and smell go hand in hand.


BUT mood itself can be influenced just by the smell. “The brain might react to certain scents, but it also seems moods themselves can be influenced by odors. In one study, people who were exposed to natural plant odors were calmer, more alert, and in better moods than those in an odor-free environment” (source).

So while each of these blends was formulated with a specific emotion in mind, there is room for how they are used–Cheer may not actually make you happy and Peace may actually remind you of a hospital room (was true for a friend of mine!)

doTERRA Emotional Aromatherapy Kit Review

You can use all of these “emotional” oils to support you physically too, so I will list their uses as well!

Passion: this blend is to help those who lack inner passion or for when you’re feeling too serious. It encourages you to feel more playful and spontaneous. It DOES have aphrodisiac oils in it (like, all of them) so good to diffuse or apply topically when you’re feeling disinterested in your partner (consistent use is key). I’ll be honest, this is my least favorite oil in the whole set, just because I’m not a huge cinnamon person, BUT most people really love this blend!

Affirmations to use when using this oil:  “I am connected to my heart and my desires. I am deserving of love and goodness. I honor my body for everything it is, was, and will be.”

Chakra: root; apply to the base of the spine.

Physical uses:

  • supports healthy digestion (dilute and apply to abdomen)

  • when you’re having difficulty breathing dilute and apply to chest

  • dilute and apply to the throat when it’s scratchy

  • when lacking energy apply to pulse points and back of the neck

  • has very warming oils so can help to warm the body

  • dilute and apply over uterus when on your period

  • good for skin issues; dilute and apply to the area

Motivate: This is my favorite out of all the blends; an invigorating combo of mints and citrus. If you’re feeling discouraged, stuck, gloomy use this—it has Melissa (aka lemon balm) in it, and it is one of the most powerful oils for uplifting your mood. Apply to your hairline when you’re feeling emotionally exhausted or when you need to focus and use the affirmation “I am full of energy and life.” When you’re feeling sad, apathetic, overwhelmed, or confused apply over your lower abdomen (below the belly button). *avoid topical application in the summer as this has citrus oils that can increase your sun sensitivity. If using topically do not expose skin to direct sunlight for the next 12 hours.


Affirmation: “I am worthy of love and have the clarity I need. I believe in myself and fearlessly pursue my goals. I honor my emotions and let love flow through me.”

Chakra: Sacral (below navel)

Physical uses:

  • soothing to the digestive system, dilute and apply to abdomen

  • soothing to respiratory system when you’re not feeling your greatest

  • soothing for soreness

  • cooling when body is feeling warm

Cheer: if your heart is heavy, or you’re feeling hopeless and helpless dilute and apply Cheer over your abdomen, on your wrists, or on the back of your neck. This helps you to feel comforted and safe. You can also diffuse this you’re feeling overwhelmed, very sensitive, concerned or disconnected. *avoid topical application in the summer as this has citrus oils that can increase your sun sensitivity. If using topically do not expose skin to direct sunlight for the next 12 hours.

Affirmations to use when using this oil: “I choose to be happy. I choose to see the good in other people. I am centered and love easily. I easily find solutions and am guided by my intuition.” 

Chakra: solar plexus (between the navel and lower ribs)

Physical uses:

  • support healthy digestive system

  • dilute and apply over uterus or inner and outer heals when on your period to help with cramping

  • if you’re feeling sore, dilute and apply to the area

Forgive: Some people think that when you use an essential oil with the name “forgive” then suddenly all your problems will go away–that’s obviously not the case, but the oils in this blend are so grounding that it definitely helps you to feel more centered and less cranky. So when you’re feeling critical, judgmental, bitter, or even angry use this to invite love, relief, and empathy into your sphere. This blend has arborvitae which is a protective oil which can be used to block out emotional toxicity.

My favorite affirmation to use with this oil is “I love myself enough to release these negative feelings and replace them with love.”

Another favorite affirmation to use with this oil is from Carly Marie, “I am grounded. My spirit is grounded deep in the earth. I am calm, strong, centered and peaceful. I am able to let go of fear and trust that I am eternally safe. I am worthy of all things BEAUTIFUL.”

Chakra: heart

Physical uses: 

  • use for all sorts of skin irritations; blemishes, redness, etc.

  • support restful sleep (use or diffuse before bed)

Peace: When you’re feeling controlling, afraid, attached, or unsafe this oil can help you to feel content and safe not only in living your truth regardless of whether anyone agrees or not. This blend is said to help you reconnect with the “divine” or Source; by finding your soul purpose or daily purpose you will find peace.

Use this affirmation or one of your own: “I have clarity and know my path and my purpose.”

Chakra: third eye (forehead)

Physical uses:

  • So good for your skin! I used this on a plant rash my son got while we were out foraging and it soothed it enough that he wasn’t tempted to scratch it at all.

  • If you have trouble focusing on tasks, try this!

  • Has oils that are great for post-childbirth! Apply over uterus (also good during your period)

  • Use before bed for restful sleep

Console: When dealing with loss, trauma or anxious feelings this oil helps you to feel supported, comforted, restful.  This blend has patchouli in it (my fave ever) and helps to release negative emotions and connect with the spiritual. This is one I will use at night across my forehead before going to sleep.


An affirmation I like to use when using this oil: “I am whole, I am strong, and I am safe. I invite love and light into my life in this situation.”

Chakra: crown (I use this on my hairline)

Physical uses: 

  • this is a good one for sleep!

  • Also has aphrodisiac oils in it, so if you’re not into Passion like me, you could try this as an alternative!

  • Good for skin! Add to moisturizer at night

  • supports the respiratory system

Which oil blend speaks to you? Leave a comment! While you can buy each of these blends individually, I definitely recommend the kit–and it comes with a diffuser! You can click the link to buy right now or message me @folkandco on Instagram or Facebook to find out how to get 25% off.

Oh, and I love that these blends come in “Touch” rollers too! This means they come prediluted in a roller for easy application–these are so convenient to have especially if you work away from home! These also come as a kit, but do not include the membership (though you can add that for just $35!)


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