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Toxic vs Healthy Relationships

I’m going through some major life shifts lately…a lot of healing, so I’m saying goodbye to toxic people. Not because “toxic” is a trending word lately, but because some people are actually toxic and harm your health.  Like it’s literally a thing and can create more stress, weight gain, thyroid issues, and more…but it’s also important to note that “toxic” is not the same as “annoying” or “frustrating.”

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Everyone needs to hear this

You are not a reflection of those who can’t love you.

Let me say it again: YOU ARE NOT A REFLECTION OF THOSE WHO CAN’T LOVE YOU. Someone on the internet said it–I couldn’t find the source 

You are not what people say about you.
You are not what people think about you.
And you are worthy of love.
It’s okay to set boundaries with people and to set boundaries with yourself.

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Six Essential Oils you NEED for Immune Support

With fall often comes an assault on our bodies–germs everywhere, people are lazy and don’t wash their hands, or they don’t feel that gross, so they’re out at the grocery story spreading all the nasties.

Oregano / Guys, this is non-negotiable and you need it. It’s such a power-house of germ-defying destruction that it would be madness to not have it. It is incredible for supporting the most tired respiratory system and achy throat, especially when it seems like nothing else is working.

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