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Essential oils for first aid

Pretend you’re out in the woods, desert, maybe the beach, marshes…What are your first aid concerns? Cuts, scrapes, stings, poison things? I’ve always been in love with first aid and basically, I love being prepared. I like knowing that I can handle most things that happen in my life with the tools that I have on hand…even if it’s just oils or electrical tape (what my dad always used as a band-aid). With that being said, please remember that essential oils are not life-saving tools but are meant to support you until you can get necessary medical care.

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Natural period relief with essential oils

Things that are taboo to talk about in public: our periods. Things that are totally normal and we should talk about in public: our periods. And the internet says that half of women experience period pain like cramps, bloating, gas, nausea, vomiting, head tension, etc. and I’m over here like…is that it?

You know what kind of pain you experience–and I hope by talking about mine and the things I do to reduce pain on my period help you!

First, essential oils are not a fix-all solution;

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