10 essential oils for empaths

Are you an empath? Or are you over here in the corner giving me side eye like…what even is an empath?

Basically, an empath is someone who picks up and is affected by the energy around them–and if you don’t believe in energy or that crystals have energy or that everything is just energy and people are more affected by it than others then you should probs just stop reading.

“Empaths interact with the energy around them in a way that is different from even a very compassionate person. While the compassionate person may feel bad after seeing someone suffer, an empath actually picks up the true energy of the individual…empaths take on whatever energy is around them, whether good or bad.” -Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dodging Energy Vampires

I’ve always heard about “empathy” and I think to an extent, that everyone has the ability to feel empathy; the ability to understand someone’s feelings. But an empath actually feels another person’s feelings as their own. You know the saying, “Put yourself in their shoes”? An empath actually feels the other person’s shoes on their own feet–they feel the blisters from walking, how sore they are, etc–this is how we are with another person’s feelings. Most people fall under the category of “loving empathic people”. 


TBH, I didn’t even know what an empath was until like two years ago…and I’m not even sure how I discovered it, but I think there were several different people who asked me if I was and I was like…a what? There are ppl in my family who don’t even believe in empaths, even though there are at least three, if not four in my immediate family. According to Dr. Christiane Northrup’s empath quiz, I am an “authentic empath”, but overall, there are typically 6 types of empaths that you can read about here.

Like I said, I didn’t even know what an empath was, then when I learned about them, I was like, “I’m not an empath” because I don’t have the victim mentality and I have a high level of discernment, so I don’t allow myself to be taken advantage of very often. But looking back on my life I can see specific things that point to me being an empath; painful headaches, needing to be alone, especially when there was a lot of fighting going on in my home growing up (and my family just thinking I was a jerk, because sometimes I was, but also, because I needed to get away from it). Since I’m an empath with a high level of discernment (or intuition), I can tell when someone’s intentions are good or not so I don’t allow it or them into my life. I feel like I am a balanced authentic empath; I am an ambivert, so I enjoy being around people, but also love to be alone, and I don’t like to be surprised by crowds and prefer to prep myself emotionally before being in a place. I don’t go places that make me “feel gross” or drain me, and I don’t let myself fall victim to people who would drain me on purpose, yet I still have many of the characteristics of an authentic empath.

However, my sister is was an old soul empath; these are people who are considered to have lived lots of lives, tend see the good in everyone no matter what, have a desire to fix people, and often become targets of true energy vampires (like narcissists and those with narcissistic qualities).

You can take the quiz to see if you are an empath as well!

Oils for Empaths

Because our emotions are chemicals, they can travel through the entire body, there are both emotional and physical signs that you’ve had your energy drained. You may feel:

  • Knots in stomach

  • Sick to your stomach

  • Head tension (so much)

  • Racing heart

  • Incredibly tired (oemgeee yes)

  • Pressure on chest (meeee! elephants, anyone?)

  • Unmotivated

  • Hot and sweaty (omg yes, I sweat so much, or get freezing cold)

  • Overwhelmed

  • Crying (I cry so much. I am sorry.)

  • Shaking (yes)

  • Racing mind

  • Sadness (my mood can change in an instant–my husband is starting to recognize this as well and point it out to me like, “what about that conversation just made you sad?” or like, “what just happened?” and I’m like, ‘Oh hi, I’m back’.)

There are a few ways you can use essential oils (aromatically, topically, and some internally–you can read more about that here). And you can also use common oils and blends to target these specific things, but here are some of my favorites for clearing energy, setting up energetic boundaries, and releasing tension:

Basil; This is for when you’re feeling physically drained by people. It’s uplifting and energizing and back in the day was said to keep away evil spirits (so like, real live energy vampires). When you wake up, dilute and apply two drops to your feet, then rub on your chest.

Patchouli; is a grounding oil and known as the oil of physicality ( this is great for physical empaths that take on the symptoms of other people) as it can help you to reconnect to own body instead of taking on the symptoms/energies of other people

In Tune; I also use this blend during meditating to help recharge. And I’ll be honest, 100% used to hate this oil, but this summer I’ve been so drawn to it–because as an empath I often ignore my own problems, and this has helped me to be really aware of my own feelings and emotions and easily separate what I’m feeling from other people vs what I really am feeling. This blend has patchouli, but also lime, which helps to release emotional toxins that you’ve been holding due to avoidance or your feelings (meeeee!) This blend helps to bring you back into focus, your physical body, space, and create a connection between your mind/body. I use over my throat and heart. (balance is a good one for this too!)


Melaleuca; this oil is if you’re feeling drained of your energy but you don’t know why–put it over your heart and your stomach. This helps you to release those energy vampire relationships. I do this by “calling” my energy back–and it sounds totally woo woo, but it works for me; If I’ve had a negative experience with someone I just close my eyes and I imagine a white light (my energy) leaving that person’s body and coming back to me. I do this as well with people I’ve unconsciously given my energy to; for example, if I’ve seen something horrible on the road, picked up on emotions of people walking by them, or after someone has just vented to me, without realizing I was absorbing all of that energy. You can also imagine a cord going from you to the person and visualize cutting it (some people say cut it with a blue sword, which is cute, but I just imagine a pair of scissors.)

Myrrh; This is the oil of mother earth so it helps you to feel connected to mother earth. I love to use grounding oils when I will be around a lot of different energy (think party, grocery store, etc.) It’s a super easy and effective way to protect your energy. I usually apply this over my heart or on my cuff, but you can also apply it to your feet. Myrrh helps you to feel grounded and secure because we can draw energy from the earth. When I use this oil I often picture myself (wherever I am), with green vines coming up from the ground, wrapping around my legs, body, and arms, over my head as it sprouts flowers everywhere and imagine the sun lighting me up from the inside out.

Clove; this is the oil of boundaries. For ppl who are easily influenced by other people’s energy (like all empaths), this helps you to let go of victim mentality, help you stand up for yourself and make your own choices and help you say no. The passion blend has a lot of empath oils as well and you can use it for that if you have it already!


Purify; this is good for cleansing all the things, but also to help release emotional toxicity. I use this over my heart to help release that and diffuse to remove toxic energy from the environment.

On Guard; is our protective blend for the immune system, but also helps to strengthen your boundaries and protect your energy internally and externally, because our energy isn’t just limited to our body.

Terrashield; helps to repel negative energy (this is especially helpful in a social gathering called a nope). I apply over my stomach which is where I hold a lot of my emotions.

Past Tense; this is for tension. Tension everywhere. I notice that when I’m trying not to feel things that I hold a lot of tension in my shoulders–I also get really terrible head tension when rocked with hostile emotions.

Make one of two of these oils part of your daily routine; I suggest using a cleansing oil then a grounding oil and/or protective oil. In Tune has been a really great blend for me; it’s cleansing and grounding at the same time.

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