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March 28, 2019

Alisha Galbraith

They say you can never have too many books…or I think that’s what people used to say. Maybe. Not really sure. But I’m going to pretend like it’s a for sure saying because then I don’t have to admit that I might have too many books.

I usually share what I’m reading in my stories and I’ve done a couple of IGTV videos here, here, and here, but I’ve had a few of you ask for a list! I’ll keep adding to this the more books I read too ♥

A kinda hippie kinda witchy book list

Btw, this post has affiliate links for these books. If you click on them and then purchase the book I get a small commission at no extra cost to you 🙂 but thriftbooks.com is a great place to look for cheap, used books instead!

I really like listening to books via Audible, but there are just some books that I need to have in my hands…most of this list is “in my hand” books.

Manifesting + Affirmations + Law of Attraction

  • Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting // Lynn Grabhorn // Basically, a beginner guide to energy and the law of attraction in four basic steps!

  • Manifest Now // Idil Ahmed // Maybe you know her from her Instagram—she released a book that teaches you how to manifest the things. I feel like this is a more advanced level manifestation book and it requires a lot of writing and time to complete the exercises. But I really loved the 10 techniques she outlines and the “powerful thoughts” she includes. I’m changing up my morning routine and will keep this next to my bed to start some guided manifesting in the morning.

  • Heart Thoughts // Louise Hay // This is beautifully illustrated with positive affirmations and healing, affirmative paragraphs.

  • You can Heal your life // Louise Hay // This was written in 1984, which is practically ancient in the days of the internet 😉 there is a lot of good information in here too; stories and a list of ailments and what emotions cause them

  • You are a Badass // Jen Sincero // A little manifesting, a little self help, a little energy and emotions, a little bit of a guide on how to rock your life. I L O V E D this book when I first read it! It’s been about two years and was one of my first peeks into manifesting and gratitude. Probably time to read it again.

Energy + Empaths + Emotions + Intuition

  • Energy Medicine // Donna Eden // SO MUCH INFO. She explains energy, shares incredible stories and experience, and includes exercises. If you’re not sure how to do them find her on YouTube where she and her daughters share how to do the energy movements.

  • The Energy Codes // Dr. Sue Morter // I am only on chapter three and I am obsessed with this book. She explains energy in human terms and I’m just really excited to read the rest of it.

  • You Are Psychic // Sherrie Dillard // Everyone is intuitive and can connect to their intuition. This book talks about the four basic types and includes exercises for developing them. (You can see the insta post here!)

  • Dodging Energy Vampires // Christiane Northrup, M.D. // Okay, so if you’re an empath and not the empowered kind, you need this book. She teaches you how to identify energy vampires, how they affect your health, how to assess your relationships, and how to heal.

  • The Energy of Emotions // Emily Maroutian // Basically, this book is divided into ten emotional environments, which sub-categories of emotions in them. She explores these emotions and the energy they carry and what they attract into your life, as well as exercises you can do to move from one environment to the next.

Essential Oils + Alternative Health

  • Mind over Meds // Andrew Weil, MD. // Basically, the tagline says it all “know when drugs are necessary, when alternatives are better, and when to let your body heal on its own.” Goes over antibiotics, statins, meds for cold and flu, NSAIDs, psych meds, and a bunch more. So informative.

  • The Essential Life // Total Wellness Publishing // 440 pages of uses, blends, and info on essential oils. My first oil guide and one of my faves. It has a mini encyclopedia of ailments and oils you can use plus detail info on body systems and oils. Includes info on individual oils.

  • Emotions and Essential Oils // A reference guide for emotional healing with a bunch of essential oils and blends and their emotional properties. Not linking to this on Amazon cuz it’s way more expensive, probably because it’s sold out on all of the oil sites (you can sign up to be notified when it’s back in stock here.)

  • Advanced Oil Magic // This is another good essential oil reference; an encyclopedia of ailments, a bunch of individual oils and their properties, as well as protocols.

  • The Essential Oils Hormone Solution // Dr. Mariza Snyder // This book is great for women who may have hormonal imbalances (probably literally all of us at least a little bit). She doesn’t get into diagnosis, but outlines symptoms like fatigue and weight gain and how to support them naturally with essential oils.

  • The Green Pharmacy // James A Duke, Ph.D. // Basically a guide for common health problems and plants you can use to heal. It’s one of the best, in my opinion!

  • The Vaccine Book // Robert W. Sears, MD // Whether you vaccinate or not, I don’t care because guess what? You’re doing what you feel is best for your kid. Period. And that’s awesome. I hesitated to even mention this book because of all of the hype regarding vaccines right now, but here I am. I read this book before I had our first son and it was huge in helping me solidify my decision—I don’t agree with everything in the book, but it was nice to have an easy way to look at each vaccine. He goes through each vaccine, lists the ingredients, as well as reasons to or not to get a particular vaccine. He also outlines the conflicts of interest in vaccine safety research. And I’m really interested to read Vaccines, Autoimmunity, and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illness by Dr. Thomas Cowan MD next!


  • The Complete Book of Numerology // David A. Phillips, Ph.D. // Aptly named, it is literally the only book I have on numerology. It was so complete I didn’t feel the need for anything else yet! This book tells you how to figure out your numerical birth chart, ruling number, day numbers, the 9-year cycle of change, The Pyramids (sounds ominous, I know), and how to find the power of your name. Here’s a quick little video I did about the energy in how you say your name.

Nature + Wild + Witchy

  • Braiding Sweetgrass // Robin Wall Kimmerer // Robin is a mother, scientist, professor, and member of the Potawatomi Nation. This beautifully written and each chapter seems to be its own short story sharing what nature has taught her while sharing some of the traditions of her people. “Everyone who cares about the environment—and everyone else, period—should have Braiding Sweetgrass on their table. It captures the true reverence between Native Americans and the earth, the relationship that we need to survive.” —Oren Lyons, Fathkeeper, Onondaga Nation and Indigenous Environmental Leader

  • Light is the New Black // Rebecca Cambell // An easy read with exercises for getting in touch with your soul. The book for lightworkers! I still keep this close by and when I’m feeling stuck or lost I pull this down and use it like an oracle deck; ask “what do I need to know?” and flip to a page.

  • Rise Sister Rise // Rebecca Cambell // There is some overlap in this book from her first book, Light is the New Black. This gets down to the more witchy/pagan roots of your inner “wild woman”. I like this book, but it seemed a bit more scattered than her first, though I did learn SO MANY things. She touches on a bunch of different subjects; sisterhood, rituals, shatki energy—really eye opening for me as I was just leaving the religion I was raised in.

  • The Green Witch // Arin Murphey-Hiscock // “Your complete guide to the natural magic of herbs, flowers, essential oils, and more” —I don’t rely on this book for essential oils, but it is basically a cute encyclopedia for baby green witches like me! It also talks about working with the seasons, witchy “holidays” or celebrations, but also more “practical” things like composting and tea blends


  • The Conscious Parent // Dr. Shefali Tsabary // All about how to be aware of your programming and parent from a place of consciousness, recognizing that your children are here to teach you and while you are here to guide them, you are to honor their spirit and learn from them. “When you parent, it’s crucial you realize you aren’t raising a “mini me,” but a spirit throbbing with its own signature.”

  • Mothers Who Can’t Love // Susan Forward, PhD // If you were “the daughter of a mother who couldn’t give you the love you needed so much, it’s likely that you now go through your days with a cavernous gap in your confidence, a sense of emptiness and sadness. You’re never truly comfortable in your own skin. You may not trust your ability to love. And you can’t step fully into your life until you heal that gaping mother wound.”⠀and you likely even love and defend your mother and hate the idea of saying anything mean about her! This book talks about that too. It also details the four types of mothers who cannot love (Identifying the mother wound), Healing the Mother Wound and shares dialogue to help you through the process. It’s recommended to read this as you’re working with a therapist or very trusted partner!

What have you read? Feel free to share in the comments!

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